What? 2. Project overall

Overall objectives of the project:

  • establishing a demonstration facility for the efficient implementation and operation of combined heating systems relying on renewable energy
  • establishing peak energy management based on the synergy of renewable energy sources and using the latest technology
  • constructing the first geothermal-biomass-passive solar energy combined self-sufficient heating system in Hungary
  • reinforcing nature and environmental protection and regional synergies (cooperation of the Institute of Ecology and Botany of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Parish Council of Vácrátót)
  • facilitating environmental awareness
  • professional and public education
  • improving equal opportunities (especially for people with disabilities).

The four principal elements of the project:

  1. Implementing a combined geothermal and biomass based heating system using renewable energy for heating the buildings and greenhouses of the Institute of Ecology and Botany of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and three municipal institutions of the Parish Council of Vácrátót (school, nursery school, mayor’s office & health center).
  2. Building a passive house (visitor center) with energy efficient heating and cooling utilising passive solar energy through architectural solutions.
  3. Converting the 35% of total greenhouses area into Dutch style greenhouses in order to utilise passive solar energy more efficiently and open them to the public.
  4. Additional investments, building energetic modernisation (repairing doors and windows, insulating works ) of the buildings to be heated by renewable energy.