Climate Change

Our greatest challenge is to manage the environmental crisis that threatens human survival. This results from the overuse of natural resources and the burning of fossil fuels. One of the main cause of the crisis is the increased levels of atmospheric CO2 due to human activities. According to forecasts, we can expect warmer and dryer summers and milder winters with increased precipitation in Hungary. The probability of drought years and intensive rains will increase. All this will have an impact on the natural ecosystems, and partly due to these changes, the society and the economy will be modified.
Increased use of renewable energy sources are encouraged to moderate this crisis within the EU and around the world

The Institute of Ecology and Botany of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, as a new activity in addition to it’s research into climate change focuses on shaping public opinion and eco-conscious behavior. We are making daily choices with our behavior, decisions, consumer’s habits, which will have a combined effect on the long-term availability of natural resources.