Renewable energy use for a better future and environment

The Institute of Ecology and Botany of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences is making a significant step forward in solving global energy issues.So far, the Institute’s activities have supported to cope environmental problems only indirectly, by biodiversity research, decision making support, awareness raising for the rehabilitation and conservation of biological diversity and the understanding of global systems.
This investment with public participation provides a direct and measurable way to alleviate the effect of the global environmental crisis. Following the development of the heating system based on renewable energy the CO2 emissions of Vacratot will be substantially lowered.

The development of the environmentally friendly heating system is particularly necessary because of the highe heat requirement of the Botanical Garden’s tropical plant collection. The project was motivated by this local need, while the methods selected correspond to global initiatives for solving the environmental crisis. The project serves as an example of scientific innovation for the benefit of the environment and the local community.

Global problems – local solutions

Loss of biodiversity
The long-term preservation of the tropical plant collection, counting several thousands of species, is achieved by the renewal of the greenhouses.
Climate change
As a result of the new heating system using renewable energy, carbon emission is reduced by 533 tonnes per year.
Knowledge gaps
One of the main barriers to solve global environmental problems is the lack of knowledge and responsibility. Yearly 50 to 70 thousand visitors of the Botanical Garden may enhance their knowledge in the new visitor centre.
Human isolation
The Institute of Ecology and Botany together with the Vácrátót Municipality enhance common responsibility and commitment for the preservation of local values