Short presentation of the project

The project will be implemented in the village of Vácrátót, under the leadership of the Institute of Ecology and Botany of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (IEB HAS) in partnership with the Parish Council of Vácrátót, the Norwegian Institute for Water Research(NIVA) and the Department of Building Energetics and Building Services of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.
The main objective of the project is to increase renewable energy utilisation by applying geothermal base energy and biomass peak boilers for heating the buildings and greenhouses of the IEB HAS and the buildings of the Parish Council. In the framework of the project a closed thermal water system will be constructed with a geothermal and reinjection well.
The estimated heating capacity ensures the basic provision, the peak capacity below 0 C° external temperature is ensured by a biomass heating plant and the gas heating will remain as reserve. A construction of a new glasshouse is part of the project, financed by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences as an in-kind contibution.

The new heating system based on renewable energy will supply - beyond the new and existing greenhouses and IEB HAS buildings - the school, nursery school, mayor’s office and the health centre of Vácrátót Municipality. A Visitor Centre will be constructed according to passive house requirements and will host a permanent exhibition focusing on the utilization of renewable energy, the description of the the investment itself and the conservation of biodiversity.
This complex project, supported by the Norwegien Financial Mechanism, will be a model of good partnership serving local, national and global interests.

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